Holland Waterland

The Netherlands is a delta, which means more than half of our country is at risk of flooding. Our war with the water creates innovative structure and our love of the water creates ample opportunities for recreation.

  • The Netherlands has impressive ‘water icons’, such as the Delta Works
  • The way we deal with water is entirely unique
  • The country offers international visitors plenty of opportunities to enjoy water sports

The Netherlands Waterland connects famous water icons

‘The Netherlands Waterland’ offers plenty of recreational opportunities for international tourists. The way we deal with water is entirely unique. The Netherlands Waterland storyline connect various water icons, such as the Delta Works, Kinderdijk, the Flevoland polders, Giethoorn, the Aflsuitdijk, the Schermer, and the Beemster. This helps us position the Netherlands among international tourists as an important water expert.

Water determines the face of the Netherlands

Nearly one-third of the Netherlands is below sea level and at risk of flooding. The Dutch have been waging war against the water for centuries. But this struggle is not simply a story of survival, it demonstrates our ability to adapt and find solutions to keep the water at bay. This has led to the creation of innovative waterworks, dykes, polders, and dams, as well as a keen understanding of water management. The way our country was designed was largely determined by the water that surrounds it. Water also plays a role in our urban design, which is reflected in our network of canals and bridges.

Water offers ample opportunities for recreation…

…opportunities the Dutch embrace with open arms! We are level-headed and pragmatic enough to know that water should also be enjoyed. Sailing, swimming, surfing, skating, and rowing: it is all possible in the Netherlands. Our country has a lot to offer international visitors interested in active sports.

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Amsterdam Canal District and countryside

Dutch Wadden Islands

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