Visit Efteling and enjoy enchanting moments together. Efteling invites you to a World of Wonders and magic. Enter this fairytale world full of wondrous tales, enchanting dreams and high speed adventures. Forget everyday life for a while to live your wildest dreams and experience great adventures in one of Europe’s largest theme parks. Efteling is open all seasons!


Float through the wondrous magical world of Droomvlucht and laugh at dad’s soaked trousers after a ride on the Piraña. Soar up to 45 metres height in the Pagode and enjoy all the wonderful nature you see from a Gondoletta boat. For the daredevils, test your courage and scream your lungs out on George and the Dragon (Joris en de Draak). Experience exciting adventures in the Flying Dutchman and put your nerves of steel to good use on the Python’s loops and corkscrews. New in 2015: the dive coaster Baron 1898 with a 37.5 metre freefall and speeds up to 90 km/h! Also the smallest of visitors will enjoy a visit to Efteling. They will stare their eyes out in Carnaval Festival and when they meet Long Neck, Fairytale Tree and all the other Inhabitants of the Fairytale Forest, they will be amazed and overwhelmed with joy.


Visit the Spectacular park show Raveleijn or be surprised by the adventures of the Inhabitants of Fairytale Forest or by running into Jokie and Jet. The magic of the sensational water show Aquanura – one of the world’s largest three – is a must-see!

ITO TOURS is the official partner for Efteling for leisure groups. Please contact us for our best rates and conditions!


Amsterdam, Walibi and Efteling

Families or small groups who'd like to visit an extraordinairy experience in The Netherlands, we would advise amusement park Efteling in Southern Holland.

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