Henri Willig Cheese

For over 40 years, Henri Willig has been producing traditional cheeses in its cheese dairies in Katwoude and Heerenveen in the Netherlands. Their premium quality varieties and flavours are internationally appreciated. Well-known corporate brands are Henri Willig, Hooidammer and Polderkaas.

Henri Willig was raised in Katwoude where his parents had a dairy farm. Being the only son in a family of five, Henri went to agricultural school. In 1974, he and his wife Riet took over the family farm from his father. The farmer soon toyed with the idea to venture into making cheese himself. He took a course in cheese-making, and before long he was so skilled in it that he decided to make cheese at his farm. His passion did not go unnoticed: the cheese farm, located in the beautiful Waterland polder, quickly attracted foreign tourists.

What started as a new challenge for Henri Willig’s farm developed into a flourishing cheese dairy and a top tourist attraction. Henri Willig exports his unique cheese to over 30 countries. Besides, Henri Willig welcomes millions of visitors in his shops and cheese farms.

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