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Creating the ideal itinerary for your group travel to Netherlands is not easy. The needs of the group can sometimes be at odds with the needs of individuals. Any itinerary needs to ensure both structured and unstructured time is available. Working with an expert can help you to make sure you’re getting good value for your money and ensuring a good travel experience.

Why book with us

We can help you reserve accommodation for groups in the Netherlands, as well as in and around Amsterdam. We will assist you in finding the perfect place for your requirements, ranging from youth hostels to luxury 5-star hotels.

The options


ROYAL De Luxe Tour Holland

AMSTERDAM – Royal Day Program Blue Boat canal Cruise through world heritage Discover Amsterdam! Our luxurious boats are ready to guide you through Amsterdam’s many canals. Our canals have been

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Royal Frisian

Royal Frisian – Leeuwarden the European City of Culture 2018 The History has brought many things to be proud of. You will see the historical in a program that is called “The Royal Frisian”. The

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Dutch design route

Visitors can meet with the founders of ‘De Stijl’ in multiple Dutch cities through the country. On demand we will create an itinerary for your group with several visits (and entrances) to

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FOOD tour

For the guests who would like to review a different side of Holland we offer a tasty tour to try and sample typical Dutch food accompanied by a specialized tourguide.

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Dutch Hansa Towns

Visit the Hansa towns of Gelderland & Overijssel and be enveloped by stories, treated to a culinary feat or two as well as stunning characteristic townscapes. Picture yourself against a historical bac

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Highlights of Van Gogh

Are you looking for an art program for your group or just a few ideas to make the day complete? Have a look at the Van Gogh tour or ask our professional team.

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Amsterdam and Countryside

Your group will have tours, tastings and special features for your guests only. All programs will be accompanied by private tourguide and interesting program.

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Amsterdam and Shopping

Small tours are specially designed for your groups travelling in small group sizes. Please enquire for more information and have a look at the various possibilities!

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Amsterdam and Keukenhof

Families nowadays travel together more and more to make the most beautiful memories. We specialize in these trips abroad for your party and can be at help in every need.

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