Dutch Wadden Islands

North Holland

Each of the isles in the shallow Wadden Sea off the Dutch coast is attractive in its own way and for those who do not wish to limit themselves to just one or the other, there are plenty of island- hopping arrangements available. These allow tourists to visit two or three of the islands during a holiday lasting from five to eight days.

The best suggestion is to combine Texel and Vlieland – a large island and a small one, one near the coast and the other more remote. Both have great beaches. Texel is more popular and easy to reach. The regular car ferry departs from Den Helder and the trip takes less than half an hour. From the “Veerhaven” the main town of Den Burg is a six-kilometre-drive away while De Koog lies 12 kilometres to the west.

Texel is often described as being “the Netherlands in miniature” since its landscape is so varied. Hiring a bicycle is the best way to make the most of what is on offer and a “Fietsverhuur,” as the rental agencies are known, can be found on nearly every street corner. There is a comprehensive network of bike paths too and no steep inclines to worry about either. The highest spot on Texel, the “Hoge Berg” rises to a mere 15 metres.

Getting from Texel to Vlieland is something of an adventure in itself. A long wooden bridge near De Cocksdorp in the north leads to the jetty where “De Vriendschap,” an elderly converted cargo boat awaits the traveller. A glass of the typical Texel schnapps “Jutter” is served on board.

By the time the vessel has docked 20 minutes later Folkert Janssens is waiting to pick up passengers with his four-wheel-drive truck.

From here to “civilisation” is a distance of 10 kilometres. “Straight through the desert,” says Janssens before flooring the accelerator. The former Bundeswehr armed forces bridge-laying truck boasts 320 horsepower, which comes in handy when the vehicle risks becoming bogged down in quicksand. In the summer months Janssens makes as many as six trips a day and also runs out to the island’s wilder westerly side, much of which is military territory and off- limits to civilians.

We make for your group a tailor-made tour and offer, containing your wishes i.e. hotel in all categories, guided cycling tour around the island, visit to the sea-lion orphanage, fishing-trip, intertidal guided tour (“wadlopen”), culinary experiences and tastings, fly or jump from an airplane and more leisurely activities are all possible!