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The Hague Hotel Service is specialized in hotel bookings for conferences and events in The Hague. Our goal is to offer competitive accomodation with the exclusive use of our on-line B2C bookingsystem which offers real-time allocations for hotelbookings. Our team is ready to help you through all stages of arranging all the accomodation required for your event.

  • contacting suitable hotels for your event,
  • negotiating hotel rates exclusively for your congress,
  • setting up a hotel booking link to be published on your congress website

We willl hande all organisational and logistics steps involved to deliver an excellent experience to all participants, guests, visitors and ensure a smooth and professional handling for all involved parties.

Our dedicated multilingual team is ready to assist you and your delegates at any time! Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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NSS 2014

All accommodations for world leaders, delegates, press and Dutch security were arranged and booked by our office.

On 24 and 25 March 2014, the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS 2014) was held in The Hague, the international city of peace and justice. The Hague lived up to its global reputation as a hospitable, well-organised and above all, safe convention destination in the heart of Holland. The conference was attended by 58 world leaders (5 of which from observing international organizations), some 5,000 delegates and some 3,000 journalists, which gathered in the city’s World Forum to attend the summit, United States President Obama among them. Upon his arrival he said warmly: “I love Holland.”


The NSS 2014, aimed at forging international agreement on global security issues regarding nuclear materials and nuclear terrorism, was the biggest summit ever held in Holland. Delegations stayed in 55 hotels within a 60 kilometre radius of The Hague. The Hague Hotel Service arranged a total capacity of 8,000 beds. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol made available one of its runways for exclusive use by the delegations. Extra long trains ran and highways were cordoned off in order to transport guests safely and unhindered to and from the World Forum. On the first night of the summit, the world leaders were invited to the Royal Palace in The Hague, Huis ten Bosch, were they dined with King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima.

Forerunner in combating nuclear terrorism

Holland was chosen as the summit’s destination at the request of President Obama, being a forerunner in the prevention of nuclear terrorism. With the port of Rotterdam and the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol international hub handling huge annual transit volumes of people and goods, the dangers of smuggling nuclear materials are ever present. In addition, the leading nuclear technology companies located in The Netherlands require sound security.


Symbol of peace, justice and safety

Within Holland, the choice for The Hague was an obvious one. The city is internationally known as an icon and symbol of peace, justice and security. The Hague was at the centre of the world’s attention during the NSS 2014, not least because the G7 met there simultaneously. The hosting of this crucial summit demonstrated once again that the World Forum convention centre is highly suitable for conventions of this caliber, requiring the utmost in safety and security. The World Forum has become a leading specialist in this area due to the extensive knowledge and experience it has gained over the past decade.



THIMUN is a yearly returning event in The Hague for which our office books accommodations for the past 50 years.

The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) is a not-for-profit educational foundation that has links with the United Nations. Our objectives are to advance the interests of international education across national boundaries through the promotion of interaction and dialogue between young people from a variety of countries and school systems. Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.

We hope to develop a global awareness among young people, focusing on the formulation of peaceful resolutions to world problems and practicing the communication skills which help foster this education in world citizenship. We wish to promote interest in, and support for the work of the United Nations. These goals are achieved through the bringing together of thousands of young people from a wide variety of cultural and national backgrounds.

Our main aim is for future generations to practice tolerance and live together in peace – young people are our future and our hope for fulfilling the aims of the Millennium Development Goals and going beyond towards sustainable peace for the whole world.

THIMUN is a yearly returning event and has approximately 4.500 participants. 90% of the students and chaperones stay in hotels, the other 10% with community housing and youth hostels. Since 1968 ITO Tours is handling accommodations for the conference, which has grown in a warm friendship over the years. For this event we also host on-site at World Forum.



The WILPF 2015 Conference is the place where hundreds of women peacemakers from all over the world came together to establish a new peace agenda for the 21st century.

100 years after the founding of WILPF, 70 years after the United Nations was founded, 20 years after the Beijing Declaration and Programme of Action were established and 15 years after the Millennium Development Goals and Security Council Resolution 1325 were developed, our news headlines still read like the world is on fire, with violent conflict still taking place on every continent of the world.

The WILPF 2015 Conference is therefore all about truly establishing the principles of sustainable peacebuilding and exploring the root causes of conflict, as our foremothers did in 1915. This means approaching peacebuilding from a holistic perspective, taking human rights, disarmament, social and economic justice and the environment into account, while challenging the dominant militaristic narrative of ‘more guns = more security’, which only reinforces militarism, patriarchy, exclusion and inequality as the root causes of conflict.

We have been arranging accommodation, transportation with luxury coaches and programs for non-conference days (Grand Holland visit with experienced guide, visit to Keukenhof gardens and typical Dutch sights as Zaanse Schans with visit to windmill and traditional cheese maker).

20100402 ZAANSTAD : Met Pasen komen naar schatting 800.000 buitenlandse toeristen naar Nederland. Dat zijn er 50.000 minder dan vorig jaar, zegt het Nederlands Bureau voor Toerisme & Congressen (NBTC). De organisatie verwacht dat 450.000 Nederlanders er dit jaar met Pasen op uit trekken. Dat zijn er evenveel als vorig jaar. 250.000 van hen blijven in eigen land. OP DE FOTO : Een van de populaire trekpleisters met de Pasen is voor buitenlandse toeristen de Zaanse Schans (FOTO: GPD/DAVID VAN DAM)


ANIME conference

Anime is an international festival for fans of anime, cosplay, games, manga and other modern popular culture.

Anime is the largest and longest running festival in the Netherlands for fans of Asian movies and animation, cosplay, games, comics, food and much more.